About Us

Hi! We’re Sally and Andrew and welcome to gumo.

gumo was created in 2010 when we decided to mix our love of cycling – particularly European bike racing – our design experience (surface pattern, ceramics, graphics and illustration) along with a passion for making stuff, to create beautifully made products for people like us and for those who have people like us in their lives.

Our logo (pronounced ‘goo-moh’) is based on the first two letters of our surnames with the addition of a cheeky smile, to remind us that whatever we create should always be done with a lot of love and a sense of fun – along with a regular supply of espresso!

For us, it’s all about using illustration to explore and celebrate our love of the cycling universe; including its history, the great races, its heroes (and villains) along with its subcultures, codes, symbolism, and humour, to create things that other like-minded souls would love. gumo is for someone who stops to take in the beauty of a vintage steel racing frame, who gets why winning a cobblestone is quite big deal, and breaks into a wry smile at the mention of a ‘sticky bottle’ – it’s a bike thing.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we are serious about doing things properly and making sure we have lots of happy customers. All prints are designed, produced and hand-finished in-house by us, using best quality materials that will last. We’re also serious about creating things that don’t cost the earth, so our prices are sensible and we make sustainable choices wherever possible; including locally sourced materials, water-based inks and compostable mailers.

We’ve loads of stuff to choose from and if you’re searching for something extra special we’ve got you, with a great range of designs that you can personalise – and we also ship worldwide.

Thanks for visiting!

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